On the 30th of January 2015 we held a Constituend Assembly. The main directions in which the Association „Club Defence Industry“shall work are as follows:

  • 1. Establishing and activation of contacts – current and potential clients of the Bulgarian defense industry.
  • 2. Establishing common for the whole branch development units working on innovations, new articles and new technologies.
  • 3. Balancing relations between the companies and facilitating the establishment of common development and production units and common agencies in foreign countries.
  • 4. Lobbying at home and abroad. Establishment of political lobby of the Defence Industry among all the political parties.
  • 5. Intermediation between Bulgarian civil companies and companies from the Defence industry and between Bulgarian and foreign companies.
  • 6. Establishment of project development teams for EU funding mainly for the companies from the Defence industry – current and potential clients of the Defence industry.
  • 7. Coordination of concepts and efforts of the companies for creating a common vision for branch development.
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